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Some watch, others do ... and

 I am a doer. 

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Research and Development

Web Design

and Application

Modeling and Simulation

Data Analytics

and Visualization

Meeting Between Colleagues

Digital and Distance Learning

Business Meeting

Project Management

Instructional Design and Technology

Systems Design and Engineering

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Trinyan LinkedIn (logo version).png

Trinyan offers an array of services on web design, instructional design and technology, animation, professional writing, graphics illustration, multimedia design, and immersive technology development.

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Lezolve focuses on  data analytics, research and reporting, and data visualization.

"Dr. Faisal Mahmud is a whirl of energy and a prolific generator of ideas..."

Dr. James V. Koch,  

Board of Visitors Professor of Economics Emeritus and President Emeritus at Old Dominion University


Former President, University of Montana

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