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Areas of Expertise

Project and Systems Management

Online Course Production and Portfolio Management

Digital and Distance Learning

Higher Education Administration

Instructional Design and Technology
Human-Computer Interactions and Decision Governance

Ontology Engineering
Web Design, Integration, and Development

Animation and Programming

Data Analytics and Visualization

Teaching Areas

Operations Research/Management Science

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Foundations for Continuous and
Real-Time Simulation

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation

Dynamic Presentations: Tools and Strategies

Engineering and STEM courses

Educational Technology

US $100,000 worth of external
and internal funding

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship

Swedish Government Scholarship

Outstanding Graduate Leadership

Leader of the Year Award 2013

Intercultural Initiative of the Year 2013 Award

Champion of Diversity

Shining Star Recognition


Awards and Achievements

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